L’Oiseau Lyre


L’Oiseau Lyre is a performance that takes us all back to school. In this extra curricular class Professor Igor will teach you about his favourite animal, the Lyre bird. With poetry, live music, masks and shadow theatre you will learn about things you had never imagined. Let yourself follow the floating feather into the world of imagination. 

With the poems of Jacques Prévert we get to meet some of our classmates; they are naughty, sad and excited. And they all bring their own stories to the classroom. We see a dreaming donkey who helps us solve our maths homework.  And we learn how to draw the portrait of a bird. 

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience age: 5 and older

Language: French (future shows in English or German are possible)

This show was commissioned by the Musée de Bagnes for ‘Ding Deng Dong’, the exhibition celebrating the 250 year anniversary of the Collége de Bagnes. For more photos of the creation of the show click here.

Warning: We strongly advise you to be on your best behaviour in this class. Otherwise Frau Schorle might have to discipline you…and you’d rather not have that!!