“Creating and sharing unique artistic work,
made by hand and from the heart.”


Shake Shake Theatre is a collaboration between Jessica Nicholls and Pierre Filliez, both multidisciplinary artists. We produce theatrical shows, with a focus on puppetry and masked theatre. We also teach these skills through our workshops.

We believe that building a puppet, a mask, or an entire theatre show with your own two hands not only ensures a unique artistic aesthetic, but also helps the artist to share stories that are true and heartfelt.

On tour with Halapienita


Pierre Filliez is Swiss and completed his diploma in Physical Theatre at the International Theater School of Jaques Lecoq in Paris. In Switzerland he produced and played in various theatre and puppet shows. He teaches masked theatre and puppetry. As well as working with Shake Shake Theatre, he collaborates regularly with Drehbühne Berlin, La Ménagerie E.v., and produces commissioned art works internationally.




Jessica Nicholls is Australian, with a BA in Theatre/Media from Charles Sturt University, Australia. In Italy she studied Commedia dell’ Arte, comic acting and mask making with Antonio Fava. She has toured puppet shows around Australia, the UK and Ireland with School Performance Tours and Vision Mechanics. Recently she  created Chookas Theatre and has collaborated frequently with Drehbühne Berlin




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